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Electronica or Buttrock- What is Sega’s Musical Legacy?

As I listened to the final episode of Saturday Night Sega (RIP) recently, I was struck by the sheer variety of the tunes played during the show. Despite all the disparate styles of songs played, two genres were most prevalent: … Continue reading

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I Can’t Be the Only One Who Hears a Bit of the Sailor Moon Opening Theme in this Virtual-On Track, Right?

OK, the Sailor Moon opening theme (English): and “From the Moon to Me” from Cyber Troopers Virtual-On I mean, there’s even the word “moon” in the title!

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Space Harrier II Complete Collection Soundtrack is Available on iTunes / Amazon!

Only $9.99!! iTunes – Space Harrier II – Space Harrier Complete Collection Amazon mp3 – Space Harrier Complete Collection This collection includes the super rare vocal cover of the Space Harrier theme, which honestly, is worth $9.99 alone! Source: Nubuwo BONUS: Video … Continue reading

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Yuzo Koshiro – Bare Knuckle Legend Mix

After discovering Yuzo Koshiro’s brilliant DJ set of Streets of Rage music, I’ve found myself going to it when I’m in the mood for some SoR tunes, over the actual soundtracks! Track appeared on the 4-disc Bare Knuckle Original Soundtrack … Continue reading

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