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Space Harrier II Complete Collection Soundtrack is Available on iTunes / Amazon!

Only $9.99!! iTunes – Space Harrier II – Space Harrier Complete Collection Amazon mp3 – Space Harrier Complete Collection This collection includes the super rare vocal cover of the Space Harrier theme, which honestly, is worth $9.99 alone! Source: Nubuwo BONUS: Video … Continue reading

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Sega Arcade Games on the Wii Virtual Console

Inspired by both the Hardcore Gaming 101 Sega Arcade Classics book and my recent acquisition of quite a few Wii Points, I decided to give all of the Sega arcade games available on the Wii Virtual Console a try. As … Continue reading

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You Really Ought to Buy Hardcore Gaming 101’s SEGA ARCADE CLASSICS Book

If you are at all interested in strange/great/obscure/interesting games, you probably read Hardcore Gaming 101 on a fairly regular basis. Well, the folks behind that indispensable resource have released their second book (the first was a guide to classic adventure games), and … Continue reading

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3D Space Harrier is coming to the 3DS eshop! Apparently Sega has plans to release more 3D classics on the eshop as well!

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Variations on a Theme – Space Harrier: WiWi Jumbo

The soundtrack to your psychedelic nightmares. The original arcade version (Composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi):

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